Training a dog can be hard, annoying, and frustrating. Some dogs are just impossible: they refuse to act as you want them to act, a fact made more difficult by expensive dog trainers. You ain’t got time for that!

So how can you work around that? With GOOD SIT, an upcoming dog training concept that makes you the trainer through a series of instructional videos. It’s a pretty smart concept that puts you in control of your dog and I’m shocked no one has thought of this sooner. While this doesn’t help in terms of troubleshooting a random, hard task to navigate because your dog just doesn’t listen, it is useful.

The idea comes from Culver City’s Yulin Olliver, who has plenty of training herself in two areas you’d want her to be an expert in: TV hosting and dog obedience. She has a warm, friendly demeanor and—for budget or new dog owners—that’s important in dog training. It’s very easy to get frustrated or confused and the system she has laid out seems pretty solid—now I just need to get a new dog so that I can use her services.

The project is raising money on Indiegogo and has quite a ways to go. They’re funding for the next month: help them out! Watch the below brief to get an idea of what to expect, too.

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