Have You Heard Of Peter Davis?

In the world of Hello Kitty, where are the dogs?

Yes, Sanrio has a few in their roster like the rounded lazy beret wearing “Golden Retriever” Pompompurin and the sporty and spotty Pochacco. Both have a distinct appeal—delightfully sloven and active animal—but those have all been seen before. They’re classic types, dogs or not. They’re also characters you probably have heard of.

But have you heard of Peter Davis? Probably not—but I demand that you do because he is a relatively known character. Peter Davis is a rare Sanrio dog that is so obscure he has yet to have an American crossover. According to a fan generated Hello Kitty Wiki, Peter Davis is “a dandy dog” who is known for his fashion sense and for abiding by his motto of “cleanliness and nobility.” Peter Davis is also from England and is always seen in his white fur and red bowtie. He is 41 years old, having debuted in 1977, and his Japanese name is “Pītā Deibisu.”

As @BrianLeeWow pointed out on Twitter, Peter Davis is a “gentleman dog.” A dog that is a gentleman! Can you believe that? Why hasn’t Peter Davis had the Sanrio crossover moment akin to Gudetama, a Sanrio character that is “a lazy egg yolk with a butt“? Yes, these are all wonderful characters but someone as respectable and lovely as Peter Davis is the type of content that we need in this fucking insane world right now. Peter Davis is, in many ways, the antithesis of Donald Trump. I demand we see more of him.

For those hoping to get Peter Davis content, he’s an NPC in Hello Kitty Online and can be found in the Florapolis region. It is also of note that Peter Davis is described in the game as sometimes wearing a bowler and using a cane. He is indeed a mother fucking dapper dog, as you can see above.

Perhaps I’m uniquely connected to Peter Davis because he’s fashionable and a dog, which is what I like to think of myself as. Such content is so pure and delightful and good and, as @dog_rates would say, something like Peter Davis is a 15/10 h*ckin good doggo. We need more of him. Justice for Peter Davis.

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