Have You Seen Max’s Audition Tape?

Max was an excellent character on this past season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She was undersold, though: she was the beautiful hybrid of Milk and Jinkx Monsoon who, unfortunately, came off as a prude with great taste. Her transatlaticism and grey hair won her both haters and lovers yet the true Max is someone a bit bawdier than producers led us to believe. There’s proof of this online, too: you just need to watch her audition tape.

The video is a mashing of a well made fashion film and high quality lip sync performance. Set to a surprisingly tolerable Iggy Azalea (Bleh.) song called “Beatdown,” Max stomps and gesticulates around very symmetrical places that displays an edge that was missing from the show outside of her looks. Every look she has is indicative of a new character, which her theatre degree hams it up for. This should be annoying but, again, the song and her irresistible runway stomp make you love her. It’s also all about that 1:10 point, a “WHAT NOW, BITCH??” breakdown that Max thoroughly inhabits. Again: it makes her a lot edgier than she was depicted to be.

The best part of this video is that you can feel the awe from other queens. This is some next level shit that, within the obvious two minute constraints producers placed on audition tapes, Max distilled her brand down to in literally seconds. This is an accomplishment and others are going to try to their best to outdo her since this video kind of “went viral” in the drag community. It is hot and cool and something every Drag Race fan has got to see. Watch it below.

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