Have You Seen This Medley With David Bowie & Cher?

I’m not one for live music – I’m not one for live performances, really. – but I found this video of Cher and David Bowie doing a music medley together when I was high and I am obsessed.

The video is from The Cher Show in 1975, where Bowie visited Cher to sing “Young Americans” and it quickly becomes a survey of classics. It has Bowie being the sexiest I’ve ever seen him and Cher in a fabulous wig doing amazing moves while both of them fucking belting the hits.

The musical territories they cover is insane and the type of musical television something that you decidedly do not see anymore. It features a live fucking band! And two artists who haven’t worked together just fucking riffing! You kind of feel like you’re eavesdropping on two pros just doing their thang, like you imagined this and thought it wouldn’t happen but it did. It’s that sort of wild.

Why don’t musical medleys and collaborations like this happen anymore? No, not Jimmy Fucking Fallon and The Roots playing on toys but legit, high brow collabs? I would watch more shit like this, easy. You can watch Bowie and Cher below – but don’t do it while high! I couldn’t believe it and had to rewatch, sober, to make sure I didn’t imagine it. It’s that good.

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