He’ll Be Your Best Friend: Mr. Pickles

Do you like dogs? Do you like evil dogs? Well, here is a show for you!

It’s called Mr. Pickles and it is (Or was?) a ten minute show on Adult Swim about a seemingly good dog who is actually a satanic dark lord. He has a helpless boy owner who has two mostly normal parents and a grandfather who suspects that the dog is not right, which makes for much of the “drama” surrounding Mr. Pickles. It’s Lassie multiplied by The Gimp from American Horror Story. The show is very dirty and very foul and the funniest fucking thing Adult Swim has ever put out.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Pickles is a feat of smart comedy. It’s a mashing of the heavy metal aesthetic with late night humor wrapped up with absurd cuteness. Created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart, the entire mini-season is a brilliant tangling of demonic pleasure. Everything feels a bit throwaway and like a dark joke made just to be darkā€”but it’s not. The ten episodes art about the demonic dog builds to a conclusion in which the grandfather finally has some proof that the dog is evil…or does he?!

Watch the pilot below and, no, you should probably not watch it at work. It’s actually not included in the entire season that aired so you are in for an exclusive treat either way of blood licking, boob lusting, and stripping sisters. There’s still no word yet on if Mr. Pickles is coming back which is a major bummer because it is fantastic. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched an animated dog lick his junk over the sound of death metal shreds.

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