You have reached the website 1234KYLE5678. Welcome! This website was created as a place to connect the end of my brain to the lips of my laptop, a peek into the peculiar life and times of Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick. “Who is that?” you may ask. He’s a gay white-ish man-ish person in his twenties-ish. He is me.

While this website may sound like a bizarre E-list version of Preserve, it really is a bizarre E-list version. But, I promise to spare you faded Instagram filters, “artisans,” girls in big hats, and Blake Lively. What you can expect is less lifestyle and more Kyle Style a self-reflexive, refined yet chaotic, ugly-but-pretty reflection of the world. There will be accessible how-tos, from DIY cocktail concocting to praising the benefits of literally biting your nails and cuticles for that semi-homemade manicure look. There will be some essays and educating, for both you and myself, to process popular and unpopular culture. There will be dogs and death. There will be some fashion and there will be some fags. Actually, there will be a lot of general faggotry because I am one and I hope to educate and enlighten those in and out of the family on our ways, etc.

As a friend asked me during the initial development of this project, “Doesn’t your website sound like a LiveJournal page?” To that I say, “Yes, probably.” The site is new and will evolve and I hope that you will tolerate it enough to do the textual equivalent of hate fucking with daily visits. Please note that there is a very extensive back catalogue for you to read as well since this website was supposed to launch way, way, way earlier in this year.

Thank you so much for your time. If you need anything else from me, just dial 1234KYLE5678.com on your home browser or 1-234-755-CHAT.

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