Hello, Scream Television Show

What is that? Is that a ring of the nineties in your ears, childhood excitement in the form of blood dripping down the side of your face like Omar Epps at the beginning of Scream 2? Why, yes, that is because the first trailer for the new Scream television show has been released.

The trailer features the beautiful—and Bond villainessly named—Bella Thorne getting texted in a jacuzzi outside of a glass house, an obvious allusion to her status as the superstar first girl featured in all the films. The trailer (thankfully) alludes to the film’s premise of questioning horror tropes, this round joking that it’s impossible to make a slasher film into a television series: brilliant. I’m on board, you guys. The critique here, which is very logical and displays great wit on the producers, is that slashers are too fast to occupy an entire season (or more). There are a lot of allusions to previous films—a dark garage, live-streaming your every move—and apparently a new mask, which seems both blasphemous and overdue.

Will it be good? It will be fine. It will be cheesy fun teen camp, which is all you really want from the series anyway. The only sellers are a few things that I have my doubts on: cameos from the original cast (A Scream anything is nothing without Neve Campbell.) and ridiculous, over the top gore. That’s my question. Can a television show go there in the way the films did? I’m sure MTV has welcomed the challenge.

The show starts June 30 and I will likely watch every episode.

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