Here Are Some Russian Preteens Voguing

Here are some Russian children voguing. They are at a Russian ball of predominately women. Russian children vogue there.


• Did these girls when a prize?
• Have these girls seen Paris Is Burning?
• Do these girls know that they are “fighting”?
• Are these girls actually girls?
• Is this some underground queer safe space?
• Are these girls models?
• Is there a voguing career path in Russia that we do not know about?
• What does Vladamir Putin think of this?
• Does the girl with the bun know she’s clearly the loser?
• How did that pink girl get into her outfit?
• Who keeps rhythmically yelling “AY [beat] AY [beat] AY [beat] AY [beat] AY [beat] AY”?
• Do American children have vogue balls?
• Is this the Russian version of Dance Moms?
• Who is the Man In The Orange Pants?
• Who is “Tim Princess Lanvin”?
• Are the girls in the background going to vogue?
• Are they in a palace?
• Did the pink girl sit on someone’s lap?
• Whose lap did she sit on?
• Is one of the prizes to go to the actual North part of Venice?
• Are these people actually Italian?
• Do they have vogue balls every year for kids?
• Does this dance school teach death drops?
• Do they teach little boys to vogue at this dance school?
• Do any little boys compete in this competition?
• Can these girls audition for RuPaul’s Drag Race?
• Did the girl with the bun go home and cry?
• Judging from the channel, I think they do other balls?
• What would Willie Ninja think of this?
• What is “Waacking” to Russians?
• Is this We Love Dance place teaching vogue?
• Do these people understand the socio-political landscape voguing exists in?
• Do people watching this video understand the language of oppression this came from?
• Where can I get that pink catsuit?
• Is there anyone of color at this “ball”?
• Can these two girls get married in Russia?
• Was this battle before or after the battle with bun girl?
• Is this a secret race of kids called the “Vogue Children”?
• How much did these parents pay for voguing classes?
• Is there a practical application to voguing?
• Can I take a voguing class?
• When will our children vogue?
• What house do these children belong to?
• How much do Russians want to murder every queer on the planet?

Watch the Russian preteens vogue below.

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