Here Are Three Pairs Of Camper Shoes To Put Your Eyes On

Cool art teacher shoe brand Camper have their highs and lows.

I often will walk into a store, hopes high, only to walk out aesthetically unstimulated: you get so many high-tech, well constructed shoes but most are not great looking. Yet, when the brand gets it right, they get it super right. Thus, here are three pairs that are really doing it for me. Maybe they will do it for you? Probably.

• Oruga: These look like some souped up knock off Lanvin sneakers in the best way possible. They’re shiny and feature a cool copper accents and a dramatic velcro strap. Yet, they aren’t high-tops, which would be a very obvious choice for a shoe like this. These are just really cool and do a great job of balancing maximalism and minimalism.

• Gery: Camper sandals are usually pretty legit. These balance being both ladylike and futuristic, coming from an alternative bichromatic society where people wear Gareth Pugh robes and have long flowing hair and “eat” juice packets all day. Basically, they are the coolest footwear option for a futurist cult.

• Himalayan: I’ve been obsessed with this model of shoe for years. They are fucking bonkers and dramatic and generally silly yet durable and well constructed: those are all things I like. I feel like people would laugh at you for wearing them, which is always a good thing in my opinion. This color way and execution is quite nice too and in keeping with a long line of aesthetic options.

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