Here, Follow This Instagram: @david_mcleod

David McLeod is a New York by way of Australia illustrator and artist. He makes loopy, swirly, pretty digital works that he frequently shares on his Instagram. You should follow him there!

Why? Because he makes you feel like you are on happy drugs, like you’ve turned into a ball pit or a school of fish or a glass of Orbitz in an indulgent orgy. They are looping, flowing works that his Instagram frames as if a digital fish tank full of fantastic shapes for you to gaze at.

A video posted by David McLeod (@david_mcleod) on

I could wax on for a very long time about how McLeod’s work is just mesmerizing. They’re soothing and bright, a little jolt of positive energy to get you through your feed or your day. His works are also infused with a great amount of childlike fantasy, a bit of Fraggle Rock multiplied by Gak for the Tumblr generation. They are so consumable and so sweet but they never make you feel like you’ve overdone it with looking at his stuff.

No, his works aren’t always kinetic digital sculptures but the moving pieces are his most mesmerizing. The work in between are more akin to still lives or portraits of blobby and Kooshy characters mixed in with scenes from his life. But the animations: they’re so fun. They are so cute and so weird and so great that they will constantly be the highlight of your feed. So, here, follow @david_mcleod on Instagram. (And shout out to my friend Paul for posting about this on his Facebook.)

A video posted by David McLeod (@david_mcleod) on

A video posted by David McLeod (@david_mcleod) on

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