Here Is A Pin We Can All Get Behind

As mentioned before, I operate on the assumption that everyone is gay and every gender until an expression of either has been made. It’s a much safer and happier world to live, I assure you. It also makes pins like this all the more powerful: it really captures my natural heat.

I saw this little item on Tumblr and found that it is actually a historic Australian pin. The “badge” (as they call it) simply states “How dare you presume I’m heterosexual,” a simple call to action mixed with delightfully spicy advocacy. It’s like a more confrontational button from The Truman Show, one that really inspires conversation. It’s not that the wearer is assumed to be heterosexual either: it hopes to force you to question all assumptions you make.

The badge was created by Patrick Brothers and worn throughout the eighties. Obviously, it was a symbol of public protest done in the most passive ways: worn on your body, inaudibly speaking out to the world. The object is a part of the Museum Victoria’s collection and is a part of their documenting queer culture in the country.

Wouldn’t it be great to wear this pin now? No, it shouldn’t be a t-shirt and, no, it shouldn’t be a hat or some other shit. The joy of this pin is that it is so discrete and so unassuming, much like the LGBT population: we’re a blink-and-you-miss-us group. We’re normal. You have to investigate a little further (Or don’t!) to find out that we’re not the norm.

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