Here’s Ina Garten’s Grocery List

We all want to be like Ina Garten. Who are we kidding? She is a lifestyle goddess who unabashedly lives the good life.

One of the most curious aspects of her persona is that she is simultaneously very public and very private. This is why recent news of her explaining why she doesn’t have kids made headlines and, appropriately, she’s making headlines again by sharing something you might want to know: her grocery list.

In a recent and random article for Bon Appetit, Garten spilled what she shops for. She notes that she always has lemon and butter and eggs on hand but is sure to keep vanilla Häagen-Dazs and Tate’s chocolate chip cookies out of her house (they’re “forbidden,” as she says).

Two things are of note in her shopping. First, Ina loves soup and news and French TV. Is she me?

After soup, we watched 60 Minutes, which is stunningly good, and followed that with some sort of TV series. Right now it’s a French show called Un village français, translated to A French Village in English. It takes place in 1939 in a fictitious town on the border of Vichy France, and German-occupied France…It’s just unbelievably good and we bought all the seasons on DVD on Amazon. We just finished the fourth season, so we just have five and six to go. Hopefully they’ll hurry up and do the seventh season!

Again: is she me? She sounds like me.

Next up—and this has made headlines—is her favorite rosé. Bend your ears here, friends!

We don’t have anything to drink if we’re having soup, but when it warms up, I look forward to drinking my favorite rosé: Sinskey Vineyard’s Vin Gris. I just learned what frosé is—maybe I’ll make it for the first time this summer.

Sinskey Vineyard’s Vin Gris: noted. Only $30 at my local wine cave! Gimme that. Also, Ina, don’t make frosé: it’s a waste of good wine. Just drink the wine!

If you want the full shopping list, look below. The story is quite a gem too as she shares what she has had for breakfast for a decade (Oatmeal!) and her go-to dessert (Granola!). Oh, to be Ina. Wouldn’t life be fabulous?

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