Hey, Democrats: You Need To Take Care Of Ed Buck.

The Democrats are not doing well. They cannot figure out their message, are seemingly exploiting and intimidating the poor, and keep giving gifts to the right to push curious voters away.

This constant looking in the wrong directions instead of connecting with real people and real communities with real needs. The result is a constant overshadowing by flashy Hollywood efforts and distracting false prophets: this is not helpful. You know what else the party needs to do? Call out and publicly disavow people in the family who are unilaterally terrible but “big supporters” of the party, a fact that represents a “Money, first. People, second.” attitude that helps no one but the spinning wheels at the top.

You know who is a good example of this? Ed Buck.

Ed Buck is a big Democrat donor who is based in West Hollywood and is openly gay. He appears to be a normal supporter who donates thousands of dollars to the Dems but is actually a down-low semi-serial killer making the rounds in Los Angeles as a face of evil as he has apparently tricked many men of color into his apartment, getting them addicted to drugs, only for them to deteriorate as he watches.

This horrifying, awful story came to my attention thanks to the always insightful reporting and work of Jasmyne Cannick, who shared diary entries from a potential victim in the hopes of raising awareness of Buck’s actions. Buck is recently in the LA news after Gemmel Moore – a black gay man who worked as an escort – was found dead in his apartment after an apparent overdose. This may seem like a fluke but Buck has been long associated with these nefarious activities, which – in Moore’s case – was ruled “accidental” by authorities. Moore’s personal writings reveal a direct patch to Buck, that the donor introduced him to drugs in exchange for money, got him hooked, and let him die. As Cannick wisely observes, Buck is conducting, “a Tuskegee Experiment like fetish” as he enables – and enjoys – “young Black men that he picks up off the street” shooting up as he literally watches.

This is beyond fucked up. As KTLA, LA Weekly, and Wehoville have reported, work is being done locally to spread awareness of this situation and to get more of Buck’s victims to come forward. Efforts are being made in West Hollywood to stop this but it appears that this situation has yet to be amplified by the state – or national – Democrats tied to Buck like Hillary Clinton. As justice for Gemmel Moore is sought, there is an uncomfortable silence from the left.

Perhaps the story is still too local but word is spreading fast. It has uncomfortable Pizzagate-like levels of unbelievability but, unlike the accusations involved with Pizzagate, Buck’s actions have been vouched for on several fronts and by people who I have met before. Before this story spirals any further, our leaders – The Democrats. – who are supposed to be protecting us need to do diligent work that someone like our president would never do unless it is to further oppress people like Gemmel Moore as a means to vilify the left. Shame all around.

If you’d like to help Gemmel Moore’s family, you can donate to their GoFundMe campaign.

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