Hey, Look At Julia Holter’s Dog

Los Angeles dream popper Julia Holter has a new album coming out soon. She’ll do her same delicate voice thing over some strings and synthesized piano and people will rave about it. But have you seen her dog? She has a dog. It looks like an old man. She has a great dog.

The video for her new song “Feel You” is an extended play of the My Buddy / Kid Sister commercial but reenacted with beautiful Holter and her Scruffy little dog person. For four minutes and eleven seconds, she artsies around her apartment and probably Griffith Park with her assumed Terrier. They jump around, they stare at each other, they run, they stand in dramatic poses, and they hang with each other. This is a dream life of a pet owner and their dog and I would like to live this video.

The song is good, too. Still a little annoyingly pretentious, as in “This is all a very concerted effort of art so don’t actually look at me as a real person: look at me as this art thing.” If you are getting at companionship, just get at it. Don’t art around it. Let the moments of 2:58 and 3:33 show you that. Anyway, dogs are buds. Look at Julia Holter’s dog in her new music video.

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