Hillary Clinton’s Best Looks, On One Instagram

Hillary Clinton is likely to be our next president. While there will be many firsts involved—the first Democrat to sway this many swing states, the first female president, the first politician to defeat Donald Trump, etc.—it also should be noted that she’ll be the first president with a truly signature style.

Sure, OK, yes, whatever: you can say that Abraham Lincoln had his hat and Teddy Roosevelt had his mustache and tiny spectacles. However, those seemed less like decisions and more like necessities of an era. Perhaps Hillary is the same too: who knows. Regardless, she has a long, storied history of being fashionable in politics. A fashion savant? Not necessarily. But a well defined personal style? Certainly.

A photo posted by @hillarylooks on

If you don’t believe this, or you want the receipts to appease your alt-right tendencies, there is an Instagram cataloguing this for you: @hillarylooks. The Instagram is dedicated to Clinton’s best outfits from childhood through the debates, offering little context but maximal fashion voyeurism. Sometimes she’s with Bill, sometimes she’s with politicians, sometimes she’s having fun, sometimes she’s hard at work; regardless, every photo features the same Clinton statement-jacket-subdued-bottom that she’s defined as “her look.”

The Instagram is less concerned with highlighting designers but more on honing in on an aesthetic, on Hillary Clinton’s style. Yes, there are funny fashion-insider comments (One person commented “Echkaus latta?” on a photo of Clinton wearing a neon carrot trench.) but the Instagram is more of an observational style service, one that looks without commentary. It’s extremely legit too as super fashion-y people like Adam Selman, Mel Ottenberg, Annie Lee Larson, and more are fans.

For those who are diehard Hillary fans, those who need style inspiration, or those who want both, @hillarylooks is a must follow. It’s the perfect summation of our future Madame President’s sartorial command.

A photo posted by @hillarylooks on

A photo posted by @hillarylooks on

A photo posted by @hillarylooks on

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