Holly Herndon May Get In Your Way

I love Holly Herndon. I’ve been obsessed with her for years, ingesting every techno-tech, of-the-body output she produces. As if she were listening to my thoughts, she announced today that a full length release is coming in May. I mean, May is the month of my birthday. She knew I needed a great gift.

To sweeten the deal, she released the song and music video for the first track on the album, “Interference.” The song is a noisy, layered chant reflecting Internet tendencies: if Herndon’s creations are of a philosophical domain, this song is the metallic opening hymn played before the service starts. The corresponding video by Metahaven is equally as delicious, both a parody of YouTube as a format and a required watch to get a deeper understanding of the song’s underlying, geopolitical, gender based themes. You’ll find that the song is about connection despite the many modern hurdles we face.

In addition to “Interference,” both 2014 releases “Chorus” and “Home” will be included as well along with many more, including a few collaborative jams. Obviously I’m superfuckingintrigued by this news and wondering how her sound will bend to both dance floors and academic arenas. You know the album will, which is why it (and her work in general) is so exciting.

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