Honey Dijon Does Beats In Space

Beats In Space is an electronic mainstay. Ran by Tim Sweeney, it is a weekly radio show showcasing the best music and musicians working in the worlds of techno, house, experimental, etc. It’s all good stuff—and it’s all free too.

The show recently featured upcoming New York house scene queen Honey Dijon, who I have been a passive fan of (and very intrigued by) since her big RA Exchange earlier this year. She stopped into the BIS studio to share what her sound is, letting listeners peek into her DJ booth to hear the Downtown New York house homages and deep Chicago roots. These are electronic sonic buzzwords, yes, but she does the dropping justice. She definitely can lay down some grooves.

The mix is a great hour and a half listen and ends with a fantastic Black Water remix of her and Tim K’s latest song “Burn.” She also hints at a future collaboration with Antony Hegarty which is absolutely something to get very, very excited by as it is basically a return to the dream record that was the Hercules & Love Affair debut LP. That is an unrivaled modern classic—and it feels like she may be able to make a spiritual sequel to it. Catch her mix below and keep an ear out for her. She’s going to do some things very, very soon.

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