Hora, An Animated Documentary On Gay Men In Tel Aviv

We’ve talked about this before but I’m not into holding hands. For whatever reason, it’s very difficult for me and generally PDA is a bit much.

Clearly, this is a cultural thing and—based on your culture—you have a different view of public displays, particularly in relationship to your being LGBTQ. This is why Yoav Brill‘s animated documentary Hora is fascinating. It’s a delightful little moving conversation between Israeli gay men living in Israel in relationship to their public displays of affection in Tel Aviv.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, because I have no idea), the men are more open about how they display their love specifically by handholding in the city. Most feel comfortable but many concur on certain parts of town where you should certainly not be seen displaying affection, where it might be seen as disrespectful—or might be dangerous to you.

The conversations catch you and Brill was quite smart to animate them as a form of uniting them, instead of having a rush of faces without imagery. It works very well. Brill shows himself to be a one man machine, acting as director, animator, and composer. It’s impressive—and it’s not surprising that it’s played at so many festivals all over the world.

It’s a cute, less-than-ten-minutes documentary that you should check out today. It’s the kind of dive into another world of gay culture that we need more of, to help keep us in the know of our international LGBTQ peers.

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