Horse Follows Darkness

Delia Gonzalez is somewhat of an electronic mystery. The artist is known for her work with the extremely prolific Gavin Russom when they were a musical duo. Russom went on to create ample big products as Gonzalez took a quieter path.

She didn’t work for years and, in 2015, released a piano focused album that left people like myself craving her austere piano driven alternative house. Today, Gonzalez has returned with a delightful “Western” drop on the musical palate: Horse Follows Darkness, a five song romp through cowboy films.

Gonzalez credits the title of the record to her son who also was greatly interested in movies about the American West mirrored with her moving back to the states from Berlin. “I felt like a foreigner,” she explained in the statement that accompanies the Bandcamp release. “NYC / America felt like the Wild West. Most Westerns from the 1960s to the present have revisionist themes. Many were made by emerging major filmmakers who saw the Western as an opportunity to expand their criticism of American society and values into a new genre.”

The album wanders around these themes abstractly with “Hidden Song” turning most directly to the concept with straightforward rocker guitars over a gossamer covered diorama of horses being ridden through the Grand Canyon. There is an element of travel and existence in a shaky land as both “Roulette” and “In Through The Light” manifest. The title track—”Horse Follows Darkness”—is a dark uncovering of the blinding realities of the world, a reminder of the sinking feeling involved with being American today. Closer “Vesuvius” suggests an emergence, an escape, or maybe a final fight between fields of thought. In her own way, she captures past and present Americana by positioning it in the future.

It is a great listen. Horse Follows Darkness is the type of album that reveals itself more and more to you in the time you spend in deep listens. You won’t be disappointed. It’s nice to have Delia back, too. Listen to Horse Follows Darkness below and you can pick it up on Bandcamp.


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