How Awesome Is The Man Who Invented Super Soakers?

We’re entering into summer and it is high time to get wet.

That sounded delightfully filthy so let me clarify: it’s high time to go swimming or run in a sprinkler or, if you’re lucky, get in a water gun fight. Grab a Super Soaker™ and go wild! Randomly, this subject came up with friends a few weeks ago.

“How rad were Super Soakers™?” one said.

“You know who’s radder?” another replied. “The inventor of Super Soakers™.”

Who is that? Mr. Lonnie Johnson, an Atlanta based engineer turned inventor who once worked for the Air Force and NASA. He invented the Super Soaker™ while trying to finesse a way to create a heat pump without freon. The result was a high-powered water spray: the basis for the Super Soaker™.

Initially called the “The Drencher” (Bad.), Johnson toyed around with the product and name and eventually went on to make millions and millions and millions off the concept. He’s also the man (or company owner) behind Nerf too and, because he owns the copyright to the technology, has made so much money from royalties of making these toy guns.

How rad does he sound? Take a look!

He seems like a fantastically nerdy grandpa who is totally making legit shit. I love him.

As the weather gets hotter and you seek different ways to get wet, perhaps reach for that Super Soaker™ and tap into some good, old fashion American genius – and thank Johnson for the memories.

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