How Gay Are You, Place Where You Live?

How gay is the place you live? Is it like super gay or just super gay? Or not gay at all? Well, according to the New York Times by way of Gallup most places really aren’t that gay at all. This isn’t to say LGBTQ people still exist (Duh: We’re everywhere.) it’s just that are numbers aren’t as staggering as they may seem in the isolated enclaves most of us call home.

So how gay are places? Unsurprisingly, San Francisco is gayest followed by Portland and Austin. Other “high” hitters are New Orleans, Seattle, Boston, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Los Angeles, Columbus (Ohio), and Jacksonville. Weird, right? I would have guessed that Atlanta and Washington, DC and Miami and New York City would have cleared the top fifteen but nooooooo: not at all.

So why is that?

Gallup previously released estimates for the country as a whole and for each state. The estimates are based on the survey question, “Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender?”

As with any survey, the data comes with limitations. Respondents are asked to place themselves in a single category — L.G.B.T. or not — even though some people consider sexuality to be more of a spectrum. The data also does not distinguish between center cities and outlying areas. Manhattan most likely has a larger percentage of gay and lesbian residents than the New York region as a whole.

Interesting. While these numbers are “apparently up,” the highest mark in San Francisco is a litle over six percent of the population. Six percent. I don’t believe that. That’s a lot of fucking closets and baggage being hidden behind doors because lawd knows there is a lot more faggotry and reedykulousness than less than ten percent of most metro areas. I don’t buy it.

Also noteworthy and vaguely mentioned in this article is how much the South shows itself. The story focuses on places like Salt Lake City and even Denver being outliers when I’m more wondering how the hell fucking New Orleans and Louisville and Jacksonville cleared the hurdle to make it to the “top.” Are we all missing something?

The lowest award goes to Birmingham, Alabama with other Southern cities like Raleigh, Memphis, Nashville, and more at the bottom. Cincinnati and Cleveland make this list too, clearly a disappointment to all Drew Carey fans. (“Woof woof, awwwww.” – A very young me who used to try to find topless photos of Drew Carey on Yahoo.) Most of these places are unsurprisingly “this way” because they see so achingly white. Ohio? Alabama? Wisconsin? Minneapolis? All white people places.

Let this be a note to you, young ones, when figuring where you want to move out and be out in. Not that all these places will attempt to stab you with pitchforks as you unload your queer baggage but it is something to keep in mind. Go where the fag family is. We have each other’s bag.

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