How To Tuck

I find tucking very fascinating. Mostly because I’m curious—even anxious—to know the specific feelings associated with the internal penile acrobatics but mostly because I logistically want to know how it works. Where does it all go? How does it feel? What happens if you get an erection?

These are all common enough questions, which writer Diana Tourjee knows very well. She took to Broadly to give a thorough explanation of how to tuck, giving curious minds (Me.) everything they need to turn a penis into not-a-penis. She speaks to how the practice is something practiced by queer mothers and transwomen who want to get rid of their dick in the easiest way possible. It’s a thrilling queer course in personal body language.

There are a few basic things you need to do to tuck: you gotta hide them balls up in you, slip your dick in your ass (literally), and use something to keep everything locked up tight. Simple enough? Kind of. But there are lots of things Tourjee warns about: you can tuck too tight, you can and will need to account for erections, and there are quick ways out the knot you made in your panties.

Tucking is a feat of anatomical control. Since the penis is involved and is such a precious cargo item, there are a lot of things to think about in relationship to hiding your pee pee. For one, you can’t stayed tuck forever. This sounds obvious but there is a time limit to your tuck because it eventually gets a little painful. I’ll let her handle explaining some of the potential dangers in the day-to-day:

To tuck well, you must master proper technique and acquire the right equipment, but it is important to look out for potential complications. For instance, when you’re tucked, you can’t pee unless you want to use your ass as a toilet, so make sure you’ve gone to the restroom before you tuck. Sometimes tucking can hurt the penis: With the balls stuffed inside hot canals all day and the dick pulled backward, blood flow can be constricted, which can damage tissue.

Ouch. Still: it’s a necessary practice, one that helps better articulation of one’s true gender and proper presentation of gender (which can prevent any harm for being a woman with a penis). It’s a great read and, although I am not trans, I am curious to try it. Will it hurt? How uncomfortable is it really? How doe women with penises live? I want to know. Maybe I’ll try it out one day and report my findings. We shall see.

If you want further tucking information, you can watch some Drag Race queens explain the practice.

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