I Feel Like We All Need To Go See Eighth Grade Together

Everyone was at their worst in eighth grade.

It was an undeniably shitty time, of festering acne and wicked teenage ways. I was trying desperately to be straight, dating a girl and listening to Korn, while all my friends – who were girls – called me by the nickname, “Princess.” I was a mess and people made fun of me while telling me that they loved me. Why were we all so terrible to each other and ourselves at this specific time of our lives? Eighth grade is a fact of life, universal, something that we all hold a length away in our cultural consciousness.

Enter Bo Burnham‘s new film Eighth Grade, a coming of age tale of Kayla (Elsie Fisher) trying to navigate her way out of middle school before high school. It looks to stroke the tender rawness of tween angst, the sort of film that will rip you open to reveal the eight grader within you, exactly as they were. I imagine it will make us all laugh, cry.

We should all go see this movie, shouldn’t we? We should all go see it and hug each other. Maybe we should go see it and talk to a child, to tell them that everything will all be okay. Life is high school, yes, but you don’t have to live in it forever.

Watch the trailer below. Sail away, friends.

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