I Know That I’m Hot

Aerea Negrot is long overdue for a new release. She’s kind of like a funnier Grace Jones who blends herself with dance music, grabbing influences from pop culture to South America to Germany. She’s super great.

Her 2011 release Arabxilla was a personal and fun LP that dealt with weird sex experiences, her love of Belrin, and being transgender with both heart and humor all set against light tobias. production. So what is the new Negrot sound, all these years later? It’s “I Know That I’m Hot.”

The artist dropped the song on her YouTube a few weeks ago and it’s a fun house dance track similar to her debut release “All I Wanna Do.” The song has Negrot talking about how hot she knows she is which plays against a video of her in mismatched clothing and tiny swimsuits, rummaging around a crowded space as if attending an invisible party. The song is flirty and fun and—hopefully—indicative of what a new album might look like. Imagine if Demi Lovato was cool and wanted to release a song about confidence: it would be this.

Negrot bookends the song with an ambling intro about needing to produce more and ends with a brief, a capella cover of 2 Unlimited’s “No Limit.” Listen to the song below and watch her Facebook to catch any updates.

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