I Like These Three Glasses, Garrett Leight (But I Don’t Like Your Prices)

There is a Garrett Leight store a block from my apartment. Leight is a Los Angeles new eyewear maker, who is quite reputable considering he is father is Oliver Peoples. His glasses are the younger, cooler incarnation, more nepotistic leaning incarnation of the the Peoples brand that has the best LA leaning slant to it. His glasses are really awesome and, naturally, really fucking expensive.

This is why I’ve not stepped into the store until this past weekend. I was expecting to be meh’d (as I had been a few times before when visiting the Abbot Kinney location) but I actually enjoyed the trip. I let myself embrace the eyewear and not judge it because of the cost. I even tried on a few pairs! And I liked three quite a lot. Enough to buy them? No. Why? Because each pair costs almost five hundred dollars and that is fucking ridiculous to spend on eyewear. Gorgeous, yes, but that is too damn expensive given my tiny weekly paychecks. So, I’ll lust after them. I’ll write a post after them, waxing on in adoration. If you can buy any of these pairs, do it for me. Do it for Kyle.


Mark McNairy #2

A collaboration with wonderful menswear designer Mark McNairy, these are almost weightless glasses held together by very thin frames. The pairs feature half-floating lens—and that’s nice. What’s nicer? A full frame that the website does not feature, that I tried on in stores and fell in love with. They are like the glasses my father wears but refashioned for me. They cost $445 and I refuse to pay that much money for them. $200? Maybe. I would whine and complain and self-flagellate but I would pay that much.


Hampton (With Clip)

These glasses are fine. With obnoxious style names like “Whiskey Tortoise,” “Sage,” “Matte Espresso,” and “Demi Blonde,” you want to hate any offering of the Hampton variety—and then you meet the pink pair. Politely named “Pink Blush,” the pair are an almost clear incarnation of the pretty color. You would assume that they are “girly” but, on the face, are quite manly. They’re interesting and quite cool. The Clips are a nice bonus too and, while a bit flimsy, are a smart way to add a bonus to an otherwise vanilla frame. The Clip costs $135, though. I thought that was the cost of both the Clip and the frames. The frames cost $285. $420? Maybe. Considering these are glasses and frames, I could get down with that. That’s still a lot of money though.


Van Buren

These glasses are crazy. I don’t think you can tell from any of the photographs but they are flat. They are literally flush, as level as a sheet of paper on a table. It’s a remarkable effect, a futuristic take on a common aviator. They skew a little small (at least on the face of the model) but are too cool for me to really describe. You have to see these glasses in person. The black and blue pair are the most breathtaking, evolving the delicious idea of neo-Sarah Connor glasses. (And, if you do want those Sarah Connor originals, they were made by Matsuda. You can still buy them, too.) How much do these cost? $385. Those are cheaper than the rest, sure, but that is still a lot.

All of these glasses cost a lot of money. Are they lovely? Yes, quite lovely. Are they affordable? Fuck no. They are not fucking affordable. So, I will enjoy staring at them and wishing they were mine. Perhaps I will save up a lot of money and buy a pair. Fucking expensive ass shit and my expensive ass taste.

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