I Really, Really Need You To Watch This Video On Coca-Cola™ Hacks

I have a video for you. I don’t think you are prepared for it.

It is a video about Coca-Cola™, tricks – or “hacks” – specifically dedicated to the soft drink. It’s ten minutes of things to do with Coca-Cola™ to use or reuse the soft drink. Did you know there were other things you could do with Coca-Cola™? Well, this video wants you to know that this is the case.

“8 AWESOME COCA COLA TRICKS!” the video is called. It gives you more than that because it also makes you question your sanity. Did you know a video could do that? It’s like driving on a foggy night on a very, very curvy road. Where are you going? What’s next? Will it be frightening or an almost uncomfortably funny how much of a relief it is? You just don’t know.

That’s this video. Some call it “cursed” but I call it unpredictable, monstrous, deeply unsettling, wildly hysterical. This video feels like you are about to sneeze. It’s itchy. It’s uncomfortable but you still watch, hoping to get that discomfort to go away. It feels like a tiny, tiny psychotic break.

It never does but, still, you watch. You are caught in this Coca-Cola™ new classic. The most awesome trick it is.


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