I Want A Dyke For President

Who do you want to be president? Outside of Hillary Clinton, outside of Donald Trump, outside of Gary Johnson or Jill Stein: who do you want to be president? It’s probably none of them, right?

You want to see you in there. That’s why they don’t appeal to you. You want to see you, that everyday person, that faggot, that bitch, that twink, that troll, that kid, that someone that you haven’t seen as a leader, that person under the thumb who has been unable to crawl out. That’s who you want to see. You want that. You want you.

You want a dyke for president. That’s what rapper and artist Mykki Blanco is saying, conjuring words from artist Zoe Leonard‘s iconic 1992 “I Want A Dyke For President.” Working with filmmaker Adiniah Dancyger to create a video for for Dazed, Blanco donned a babydoll 1970s hairstyle and eye makeup to recite the poem. “I want a person with AIDS for president,” Blanco says. “I want a fag for vice president.”

Blanco’s recitation gives the words a context infused with personal history with HIV, queerness, and general outsiderness.The words aren’t just for Blanco but for all of us who are confused and hungry during this election. “I Want A Dyke For President” is more than a tongue-in-cheek declaration but a call to action, a backhanded slight at all candidates, that points toward one more than the others as a suggestion instead of an exception. “I Want A Dyke For President” is a call for normalcy, for mundaneness, for the everyday, for the real in politics. Written nearly thirty years ago, Leonard’s words are so present and Blanco’s performance of them articulates all young persons’s issues with politics now.

Things have to change in America, yes, but we also have to work with what we got. Until we can get a dyke with bad teeth who has been sexually harassed and gay bashed or a fag with no insurance and no air conditioning who has done drugs and is risking deportation for president, we’ll have to make do. Vote for Hillary? That’s the closest approximation of this dreamy dyke president.

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