In Lust With These Bug Things

Patterns are in and patterns in Spring are a fashionable annual. How can you make a Spring pattern even more Spring? Bugs. Fucking bugs, you guys. The memo has been got by a few brands and you should certainly look into these looks if you have a little (or a lot) of money.

• Ben Sherman’s Embroidered Bug Polo: I love this shirt because it’s like the male version of that roach dress Tracy Turnblad wore in the finale of Hairspray. The little pink beetles are so precious and, while I have trouble making outfits that incorporate black as a compliment, this shirt works for me. It’s so wonderfully Spring.
Emmett London’s Dark Blue Bug Print Poplin: The most delicate of the bunch, this bug pattern is super cute and subtly colorful. It’s the type of shirt you wear to work or to a party that inspires people to make really fucking annoying—but secretly great—comments like “Looks like you have a few little critters up your sleeve.”
• Valentino’s Green Butterfly Camo High-Top Sneakers: No, I don’t like the price and, no, I don’t like the spikes on the back—but a butterfly camo is just genius. This is probably the best use of a winged creature on this list.
J.Crew English Silk Bow Tie With Embroidered Bumblebees: This reminds me of this crazy diamond bowtie I have from Ralph Lauren of the same color way—but this uses bees. The description of this is painfully punny yet you would cause quite a buzz at any Easter gathering. *Rolls eyes at that description because I hate myself*
Paul Smith’s Sky Blue Ladybird Jacquard Shorts: Yes, another pricey one. Smith has some great shorts this season and these watermelon colored ladybug shorts are the best of the best. They’re a bunch of money but they do include something called a “RiRi zip.”

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