Ironic Disco Honey Boo Boo

We have been starved of our Honey Boo Boo entertainment. Since her family’s (inevitable) fall from grace, we have seen very little from fluffy pageant queen Alana Thompson. She did release a music video recently—but it’s still not enough. We need more H.B.B.C.

Boypure agrees. I do not know who or what Boypure is but this person agrees—or at least sees Thompson as the rightful recipient of media made in her image. She is the Honey Boo Boo Child, the carb loaded caffeine Southern belly that you poke for a catchphrase. She is an icon.

So here is a minute and a half of a supposed song from Thompson done in the style of PC Music. It shows that, yes, Honey B.B. is everyone’s bb and, yes, PC Music is populist trend. If you fold the universe in half, you get this song. “Honey Boo Boo Child,” they say. “Look at that smile.”

It is a stick a butter you want to watch melt into fairy dust.


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