Is Anyone *Actually* Going To Use These Cindy Sherman Emoticons?

These are Cindy Sherman emoticons. Created by designer/artist Hyo Hong, they are a series of images from Sherman’s work that enable you to share your own personal feelings visually, through her face. Would you use them? Will anyone use them?

That’s not the point: the point is that they are a great idea, one that is getting big buzz about now. It’s the kind of genius appropriation of one person’s canon that really gets to the point of said work, distilling down a gesture and emotion into one concentrated zone to express and emote along with your words.

But what about people actually using them? I feel like Hong doesn’t actually use them: they’re more for show. If someone sent me a Cindy Sherman emoticon, I would laugh at how much of an asshole they are. The thought would register that, damn, someone installed all these little images onto their phone to pick from. I would think, cool, but really do I care? Cindy Sherman is an art celebrity lampooning celebrity to (accidentally) become celebrity: her appearing on my phone is funny once but ultimately a burning asshole in my pocket.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be sending Cindy Sherman emoticons. This is to say that I have a lot of good and bad feelings about these disembodied Cindy heads that you are supposed to text to friends. I feel like a better usage of your time would to be to make your own set of emoticons, photos of your own face to send. If we’re going to go down this road of sending photos of someone else’s face to express your own feelings, why not make the face your own?

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