It Is I, Vivienne Westwood

The older I get, the more increasingly, crazily, strangely hippy I become in a way that mashes with my highfalutin tendencies. In many ways, I am Vivienne Westwood.

Show me no showers, give me an old shirt and a toothbrush and I will make my fashions. Want to talk to me about fashion? I’d like to talk about climate change. I’ll even spread around this idea like a healthy rash to my dear friend Stella McCartney.

Yes, there are critics with very valid critiques. Still: we are doing the work, where every runway show is an opportunity to remind and rally. “Buy less, choose well, make it last,” we say. Slow down that fast fashion, put it on full-stop even. Why do we need so many things? We don’t. Put a unisex toga on and wear it every day.

Fashion is recycling and recycling is fashion. Don’t be out of fashion.

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