It’s Got A Good Beat & You Can Dance To It: 5 Songs To Dance To Right Now

If there’s anything we need more of, it’s songs that make you want to get up and shake your parts. As Amber Von Tussle said in the original, John Waters Hairspray, songs like this got a good beat—and you can dance to it.

So here are five songs that represent just that: these are songs that got a good beat and you can dance to them.

Will DiMaggio‘s “Fusion (Broadcast Mix)”
DiMaggio is a new(er, to me at least) Future Times musician whose recent single “Fusion” is the sort of thing intended to light up a dancefloor with an intellectual disco fire. The song is a bit like someone took a facsimile of a Nile Rodgers’ song and it came out as a brassy bowl of twangs. It has the makings of the best, most fascinating jam of the year. I have no idea what “Broadcast Mix” means, though.

Yumi Zouma‘s “Keep It Close To Me”
Turning towards the cutesy and sweet little cubby hole of countryside Euro dancehall, we have Yumi Zouma’s “Keep It Close To Me,” a twinkling, lovely pop song by a band that embodies everything I wish Metronomy was. It has all the perfect elements of a quiet dance jam: it’s subtropical, soft spoken, and might make you cry. Their new album Yoncallais our tomorrow.

Jessy Lanza‘s “Never Enough”
Lana’s new, long awaited album Oh No is great and, while it tickles with going full dance diva, it never quite commits. Then there is “Never Enough,” an aggressively booty shaking song about satisfaction. It feels retro without being overly sweet and, thanks to fabulous Jeremy Greenspan productions, Lanza ends up as an alternate universe Donna Summers.

Andy Stott‘s “New Romantic”
Stott is known for making gloomy, dark, Gothic techno fusion and his latest Too Many Voices is an excellent wander through this familiar territory…and then there is “New Romantic,” potentially his weirdest song ever. Why? Because it’s the soundtrack to a vogue ball where the drag queens are actually the new cast of the Five Nights At Freddy’s sequel. What does that mean? It’s fun and dark, shiny yet rusted. It’s certainly a fascinating foray into the Death Dance subgenre.

Machine Woman‘s “I Can Mend Your Broken Heart” (Kassem Mosse Remix)”
It’s fitting that the final song is a swelling ten minutes of masters mind melding: it’s an interpretation of stellar newcomer Machine Woman’s latest single “I Can Mend Your Broken Heart” through veteran techno dude Kassem Mosse’s point of view. The track is a whispery, patient toe tapper that takes Machine’s “lost in transmission” temptress aesthetic and turns it into a thumping chatter of afterlife longing. It’s a great pairing.

These songs not enough? Here’s a bonus: my boy Legowelt did a mix for Thump and it is over an hour of spacey disco. It is probably the strongest (free) mix of 2016, in my opinion. (Then again, I’m predisposed to love Legowelt.) You can listen below and download it here.

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