I’ve Never Had More Conflicting Emotions On A Shirt In My Life

This has been said before but Cos is such a great store. It’s minimal and restrained while being fun and fancy clothing. A little pricey, yes, but quite nice. I could have many shopping sprees here! Most items I love for their oddity or how they riff on a classic garment. Yet, this one has me with intense mixed feelings: the Sleeveless Cotton Shirt.

The shirt looks like a buttonless collared button down whose sleeves are missing. It’s a funny riff on formalwear, loosened up by biceps. I have made many cutoff button downs and have been quite fond of the disparity between fancy and not: there’s great tension in having a collar but no sleeves.

Yet, I don’t know about this shirt. It makes me so happy and so frustrated. Why doesn’t if have buttons. Or, rather, why does it have a collar? The collar for a shirt feels like the punctuation on the end of the sentence of a shirt. It’s what frames your face and provides a contrast to the rest of the shirt form. Without buttons? It doesn’t feel earned.

Cos Men Sleeveless Cotton Shirt 1234KYLE5678 2

Maybe it’s just too dainty. Being feminine is something I adore but this just doesn’t seem right, like there was a mistake. The description lends no clues or reasoning to the garment either—

“A minimal design, this cotton poplin shirt is a sleeveless style with a clean, buttonless front. Straight-cut, it has a pointed collar and hidden fastening along the shoulder and neckline.”

Like, I get it; but I also need more from it. I want this to succeed but I don’t think it does. Or does it? Am I just being too thick headed? This needs something, right? I love and I hate this shirt so much. I don’t think I could buy it because of these reasons. Or do I? I can’t tell. A shirt has never given me so many conflicting feelings as this shirt has.

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