James K Makes You Jelly

James K is New York based musician Jamie Krasner. She is an UNO, Dial, and 1080p associated act which spells a lot of “LISTEN TO HER!!” because those are all very legitimate electronic-ish outfits.

K has a new album coming out on April 15 and is called PET. The first sampling is the song “Jellisy” which is a bright, brief alt-pop song about wanting. As K explains, it’s about “a non-state, jelly—trapped in a primitive pattern” which she sings about in gauzy voice over synthetic tropical production. The sound is much like if Glass Candy produced Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan, making a dreamy beach song about the perplexing beauty of jellyfish.

It’s a sweet, quick two minutes that, according to her album teaser, will serve as a spot of lightness within a set that vacillates between the two extremes. Listen to the song below and be on the lookout for PET very soon.

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