Jason Freeny’s Anatomical Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog is as iconic as it is ridiculous. It’s a fucking luxe, expensive ass recreation of a common balloon animal. The artwork may stand as one of the most pointless, common objects to have been exploded farthest in the opposite direction of value and importance.

It’s funny, the balloon dog form, and is something so playful and silly and now iconic, both pre and post-Koons’ touch. Artist and toymaker Jason Freeny must agree because he used the balloon dog form to make a very funny, populist alternative to Koons’ “masterpiece”: he made an anatomical version of the balloon dog. In clear plastic, Freeny details exactly what the inside of this iconic dog looks like. When clowns or Koons knot together this dog, this is what happens on it’s insides. Thick bones form in the ears and little intestines pop up under an adorable spiny spine. Even though it seemed impossible, Freeny made the balloon dog an even bigger joy.

Unfortunately, his creation is unavailable: it sold out very quickly last year when it dropped. However, Freeny took to his Facebook last week to share that more pups will be produced for an April release. Along with new dogs will be another anatomical figure: rubber ducks, which promise to be just as cool. If you are in need of this more affordable alternative to Koons’ work, rest easy: the dogs are floating around ebay for a couple hundred dollars.

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