JCRT’s Library Plaids, Fashion For The Literary

Do you know who Costello Tagliapietra are? They are an adorable fashion duo who create expertly tailored and draped women’s looks. They’re super rad guys.

Well, they’ve shifted gears inward to create a new brand called JCRT, a lifestyle plaid operation befitting of their bellied bear ways. It’s for the beardo and the cool chick and the irreverent flannel wearer: it’s a versatile little one-stop-shop.

The brand has recently set their focus on a surprisingly literary inspiration with The Plaid Library collection, a set of shirts and ties inspired by classic book design. Each plaid entry takes a classic book and deconstructs it’s core cover colors and themes to produce a slant matched shirt, something that doesn’t immediately tell someone it’s a bookish outfit but suggests a familiar combination of elements you may recall from your high school English class.

The books celebrated in the collection are a fun bunch too: you have Where The Wild Things Are in a smaller blue-green checks crossed with yellow-oranges; A Clockwork Orange rightfully meditates on the title color like a traffic cone making way for blue streets; On The Road suggests open skies and tire tracks; The Bell Jar offers a mini-grid of purple and greens on white. There is a variety to the books chosen, suggesting the duo’s love of everything from the classics (The Catcher In The Rye) to alternative sci-fi (Neuromancer). The shop even sells the book inspirations, offering a great gifting opportunity for dads or other dudes who like clothing and books.

It’s a fabulous collection from some fabulous dudes and, if you’re into rags and reading, this is certainly for you. Find all their shirts here which are a tad above reasonable but not out of the question in terms of pricing. If books aren’t your thing but plaid is, you peep their Plaid Mix Tape collection, a meditation on some of their favorite albums on tape.

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