Juliette Lewis Is Great At Stories

I spent a lot of this past weekend getting high. Do you have a problem with that? Oh well. I live in California and weed is better for your body than booze.

At one point during this time off, my friend Ross and I were messaging and I did the unthinkable and used a selfie filter from Instagram to share that I was tired. He replied back with the following.

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First, yes, that is actress and musician Juliette Lewis. Yes, she is using a selfie filter from Instagram. Yes, she is making an astute observation that app designers and tech persons are the new entertainers. Yes, the eyes on the filter are perfectly in sync with her. And, yes, she has created something that is like a wellspring of giggles for someone who is high. I have watched that Instagram video approximately two hundred times as a result.

It doesn’t end there.

Yes, Juliette Lewis is cradling a bunch of parrots. The caption is, “Sometimes you have to ignore the possibility of ‘bird flu’ and just commune with the birds.” OK! Sure, Juliette Lewis. Sure, yes, absolutely


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Look. Juliette Lewis could post about being a cool rockstar all she wants but—NO.—she is posting what is changing her life and is subsequently changing ours.


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Yes, she’s watching herself in Cape Fear while yelling at her dogs.

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And, yes, then she becomes a dog to motivate herself to get up and out of bed. Celebrities: they are just like us!

Obviously, what I’m trying to say here is—whether watching high or not—Juliette Lewis is great at Instagram Stories.

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