Just Go On Vine For James Cage White

Vine is one of the most annoying platforms for creativity ever invented. With a well meaning six seconds, people have shared their interests and personalities and worldview through these microfilm loops embedded in our phones. Despite the successes of many, there is only one Vine star you should care for: James Cage White.

White is based in China and makes Vines about what he likes and what he thinks about. It’s a lot like a show and tell or unprovoked Truth or Dare documented by the social network. Nothing across the spectrum of mundanity is off limits either: he will talk about his refrigerator, about being in the forest, about travel bags, etc. He just talks about everything. Sometimes he sings. He recommends things. He has lots of jokes, too.

What makes these otherwise super uninteresting videos so special is his adorable English and the various ways he presents and riffs off of his catch phrase, “Very cool! Very nice! I like it!” The micro-blogging format is particularly special in this case because everything he produces becomes these hyper reviews, an annotation of experience twisted around his occasional garble of words. You initially think you should be laughing at him but you realize he is fully aware of his online performance: he knows he’s inhabiting a character.

I can’t get enough of this dude: he’s like a very small dad without any filter. I’ve seen him floating around various websites for a few months but only recently have I started actually watching his old videos, repeatedly, revisiting them to hear that delicious chorus of, “Very cool! Very nice! I like it!” There’s something so fulfilling about it—and it isn’t annoying (to me). He has created a perfect little zone to be appreciated and shoes exactly why Vine works. This kid should be watched forever and ever and ever: I like it.

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