Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

Like Eifel 65 in 1999, PC Music and the like have attached themselves to 2014 and 2015 to mark time: they are stylistic one hit wonders made by and for cool kids. Don’t think of them as anything more. They’re trends looking for a home in banks.

The diva at the center of this is neither a diva nor is he a PC Music dude: it’s Sophie, the grating and wonderful and grating msmsmsm sex toy music maker. The entity has created plastic fantastic jams like “Bipp” and infuriating noises like “L.O.V.E.,” which people force themselves to enjoy in order to stay hip.

Most of the music made by Sophie should be greeted with “I am too fucking old for this.” but sometimes his mania is undeniably great. His latest single “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye” is that. I want to hate it but I can’t. The song is Sophie’s thesis: it’s where baby grime meets hard nineties trance dance articulating super sensitive feelings. The content of the song is about two people who were into each other in their teens finding each other again and going crazy in love. I know that sounds dumb. The thing that makes it work is that Sophie has built a world in the song where metallic synths represent sexual tension and fleeting happiness, the feeling where you are fucking someone and are soooooo happy and content and too blinded by each other to realize that shit will end. The heaviness of the production is like a ceiling closing in on you but, for now, you are strong enough to keep it from squishing you.

It’s a gorgeous, gross song. Just wait for the third verse build, which might be the finest use of a slow crescendo dance cliche in the past year. I hate this song but it’s so perfect. Like I messaged a friend about it, “This makes me want to sit in a running car in a home garage or go to a club and dance with a Eurasian woman: I’m so conflicted.” Still so conflicted. Love/hate this song all weekend.

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