Kelly Rowland Got Her Nose Ripped Off In Freddy Vs. Jason

Kelly Rowland, known for not being Beyoncé and being very pretty. Kelly Rowland: is she an actress? No, not really. She’s been in three movies: 2004’s The Seat Filler, 2012’s Think Like A Man, and her debut film, 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason. That first film is a gem. It is not well known and it clearly is Kelly Rowland’s finest work because she gets her nose ripped off.

Kelly Rowland—a beauty both visually and aesthetically—is nothing without her nose. Or is she? I have never wondered that until I saw her without her nose. It was Independence Day. I was taking a break from swimming, drinking and eating a cookie cake in front of a television. Holiday favorite Tremors had just ended. Someone turned the channel to Freddy vs. Jason. We began watching it. I’ve seen a lot of these Freddy and Jason movies—but not this one. This is unfortunate. It is a new classic in the canon of teenage slasher flick, a favorite sub-genre of horror film.

The movie came out in 2003, in the afterglow of Destiny’s Child’s Survivor album. Beyoncé had just released “Crazy In Love” and Michelle was gearing up her gospel career. Obviously, this left Kelly with an opportunity to branch out into acting. She took it. She took that chance with Freddy and Jason.

Rowland plays Kia Waterson, the boring yet beautiful best friend of the main character, a girl who lives in the “Nightmare” house on Elm Street. Kia is a boring character. Her death is a frustrating blink that does not justify why she was in the movie through the finale. Kelly Rowland is pretty though.

There is one redeeming something about her inclusion, though: she gets her nose ripped off in a dream sequence. It isn’t an actual death but a “scare” sequence that occurs while Kia is waiting in a doctor’s office. Freddy sticks two clawed fingers up her nose, holding them there for a beat. Then, he launches it off. It is a drastic nose job. I cannot be certain but he may say that, too.

This is a masterpiece. Kelly Rowland’s career is nothing without her nose. Maybe? I’m not sure. This is surely the best movie she has been in. This is a great moment in movies.

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