Kendall Jenner Is A Scam.

Kendall Jenner is a model. Kendall Jenner is from a famous family. Kendall Jenner is not a spokesperson: she is a scam.

In writing about what goes into making ridiculous “woke” advertising, the subject of Kendall Jenner kept coming up as it related to her Pepsi commercial. The commercial will be embedded in cultural consciousness for decades as it was such an awful co-opting of activist visuals. It was so bad that social media’s influence got the commercial pulled. It was that bad.

That was the straw that broke down Kendall Jenner’s scam, her doe-y runway ready smile and eyes—so curious yet approachable yet innocent yet exotic yet so smart yet so dumb—revealing to us their vacuous blank stare at dollar signs. Enterprises like the Pepsi advertisement don’t just happen: they go through rounds and rounds of testing and have to get approved by someone like Kendall and her team. The fact that it got so far to get released, unquestioned, is the first manifestation of her being a scam: fluff yourself up as smart and woke only for it all to come crashing down with you being pinned as the victim.

This is all not a real problem until you realize that Kendall Jenner has a history of feigning wokeness attached to legitimate causes. When she, a persona-brand hybrid then shills for brands associated with woke-r things, it becomes complicated when she associates herself with mostly controversial items that pretend to be “good for you.”

What else has she scammed with? Let’s look at five of the most egregious instances.

This “non-profit” was started by a club promoter and has been questioned in terms of its legitimacy for years. As TruthOut noted in 2013, charity:water’s problem is it’s “unclear…exactly how many more people have reliable access to clean drinking water now than did six years ago” as a result of the charity. A non-profit should always seek to have that question answered at a moment’s notice and Kendall shilling this adds more skepticism to their efforts.

Vogue America, March 2017
Kendall appeared with a slew of models including “plus sized” beauty Ashley Graham. While it seem innocuous enough, the magazine was accused of photoshopping the larger woman. Graham went on to defend the cover but people still had many notes for the magazine.

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Vogue India, May 2017
Worse than the March cover, this month’s cover in India features Kendall as the cover star for their…tenth anniversary issue. Guys. Why is this white, non-Indian chick getting to cover a nation’s magazine? As Quartz put it, the entire situation is a slap in the face for brown girls.

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Kendall has shilled for the “feminist Tinder” that is Bumble that my strong female friends have unanimously complained as being a veil for misogyny as it puts women in control at first only for men to willingly “unmatch” and remove any power. Typical. This isn’t a surprising review of things since everyone from xojane to The Federalist have lobbed complaints about the “woke” service.

Fyre Festival
Ahh, this thing. This unmitigated disaster of an affair was yet another shill of Kendall’s. While Bella Hadid—another “celebrity” model, famous family person—was the main shill for this, Kendall was an accessory for failure here. Not a good look.

I feel like this scamming could continue with her into infinity but, because I don’t have the will to look through all of her social posts ever, we’ll leave it with this top five.

Know that Kendall Jenner is a scam and, if you need to know how to handle her, take a cue from Diddy.

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