Kim Anh’s “Shadows”

Kim Anh is an LA dance club staple. She ran the lovely lesbian night Booby Trap! for a long time and now is behind the weekly Downtown YOWSAH music series. She’s the connective tissue between a lot of local scenes and has amassed a large following of party people. So what is she up to in terms of her own music? I’d been wondering this for a long time since she seems to have always “been around.” Well, here we have it: she’s finally released a debut single. It’s worth the wait.

The song is called “Shadows” and is an extremely pure, simple disco track. It was engineered and polished for moving feet and play after play after play at events very similar to the ones she produces. She knows her audience extremely well. The song is a clap focused beat bumper that will push fog and mirror ball dazzles out of your computer: it makes anything a club. The sound is somewhere between the old and new, elements of TRAX mixed up with Hercules & Love Affair. It’s now and then, here and there, a song dominated by deep diva vocals that will move you like an old lady in church.

It’s a crazy easy listen. It’s so lovable and, thanks to heartbreaking / “Don’t you break my heart!” lyrics from Sam Sparro entirely by Anh will settle itself into your ears and stay there for a private disco until the weekend dance parties are ready for you. Listen to the song below and keep up with Kim Anh here.

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