Laurel Halo’s “Radomes,” A Song For Architecture

Interdisciplinary arts are the best arts. They represents how artists are inspired by other artists and how art yields more art. This can be difficult in music—but it definitely isn’t impossible. Resident Advisor recently challenged three of the top working electronic musicians—Modeselektor, Lotic, and Laurel Halo—to create music inspired by a communal experience.

The focus of the trip was to be influenced by the history of a place but, really, the space they visited—Teufelsberg in Berlin—was much more arresting…at least to Halo. The resulting song she crafted is “Radomes” inspired by these spacey globes at the tops of the buildings. She found that the space is sonically interesting because of its shape, which gives off an interesting reverb. She hummed and talked and scraped and snapped and even got a dog in there to make some noise. The resulting sounds are how she created the song, something that ties up the history of the abandoned space while dedicating itself completely to its shape and bygone technologic use.

While Modeskeletor focused more on the sci-fi aspect of the space and Lotic dedicated his song to the site’s dog, Halo’s song truly drones on like a radome and finds its beauty, scariness, and loveliness in a very abstract way. Sonically, this is definitely something that would be a lush starting point to create an entire album. Halo is known for emotional and tangled electronic music and “Radomes” is no different. It does feel unique in that it isn’t as introspective as she tends to get: it’s explorative. Listen to the song below and catch the rest here.

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