Leather Animal Foot Friends

Can you imagine anything more divine and forwardly WASPy as a leather animal foot poof? I cannot.

It’s an object designed by dream elves belonging to Ralph Lauren, a little creature manufactured for an imaginary, absurd chestnut hunting lodge. Yet voilá: these are a real thing that came into my life over the past weekend after I discovered one at a friend’s apartment and an entire family at a Jonathan Adler store.

These leather animals come from a British company called Omersa that hand makes “animal footstools” as a means to share some pet fun for your home styling. Each item is made to order and comes to you straight from Lincolnshire, England. They have an old world sophistication about them and are the type of cheeky interior design dash that makes gay men giggle.

The company got started in 1927 with a leather pig, an animal that is most forwardly for feet. They were sold through Liberty Of London and have expanded to department stores world wide, amassing a cult following as a result. Today they make many, many animals—from various types of dogs to African safari animals to farm peeps—and each offer a bubbly alternative to a footstool.

The catch is they are obviously a little pricey: the cheapest they come is $850 and the prices rise quite a bit after that. No, they are not obscene but they are not for every day purchasing: these are a special occasion, once-a-decade-maybe type of purchase or the type of gag gift Blake Lively might give to Taylor Swift. Regardless, they are quite a treat. Peruse the full collection here.

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