Lee Dawson’s Drag Race Video Recaps Ain’t Fucked Up Drag

Do you love Drag Race? Are you the show’s biggest fan? Well, I have some videos for you!

Hot English hottie Lee Dawson creates the most spectacular video recaps of the show that are a folding of pop culture and drag culture in quick little video bites. They sum up how we all feel while folding in the sarcastically loving tone of a Jasmine Masters’ YouTube video. This is the epitome of Drag Race fandom condensed in ten minute blips.

Via Dailymotion (because YouTube keeps docking his video for copyright issues), Dawson creates these hilarious supercuts of each week’s episode that distill everything down to its essence while drawing parallels to previous seasons. He’s been doing this for months but has had issues keeping up momentum because the videos are quite timely to create. (Which is why All Stars Ru-Caps are still coming out.)

Dawson is a Drag Race encyclopedia, able to draw even the most obscure references from the fray to slide in as a joke. When Shea Couleé says “My name is Shea Couleé and I didn’t come to play: I came to slay,” Dawson rightfully slides in Violet Chachki’s slept on line, “No one says that but yes.” It’s perfect. He takes it all a step further by catching little moments like Couleé saying “Chicago drag is the mother fucking bomb dot com.” and taking them to the next level by buying the domain to chicagodragisthemotherfuckingbomb.com and inserting himself into the canon. He’s a beautiful mind (and body).

Watch the season nine, episode one, recap above and donate to his Patreon to get the recaps early. I did. It’s well worth the investment and is supporting young gay arts, which we all need more of. You’ll also find a few of my other favorite Ru-Caps of his below.

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