Let Your Eyes Make Love To These Études Hats

Sometimes a brand makes something that gives you a boner. The clothing makes you excited and anxious because it’s so cool. I get that feeling from Études‘ current roster of hats.

The head pieces are bright and dark colored felt wool that all appear to be made without any seams. They’re dreamy and overly structure, like cool helmets to draw eyes to you. I first saw these when visiting their store over the Summer. You may look at them online and think they are cool but seeing them in person is a thrill. They’re so tactile and ridiculous. They vibrate off of any surface. You can’t stop looking at them.

Etudes France Paris Sesam Hat 2015 1234KYLE5678

The Sesam Hats are the most exciting. They’re like what Julian Beck wore in Poltergeist II. That is all I see. Why wouldn’t you want to look like an evil fake medicine man? I would. The two toned hats make my hands spasm: they’re so lovely. They’re both bright and dark and feel like you have caught the feeling of walking from a dark space into a bright one. I don’t know which I like better either: the black top with the blue base or the blue top with the black base? Either is great. Both of them do the job of drawing the eye to you.

Etudes France Paris Day Hat 2015 1234KYLE5678

The Day Hats are much like equestrian helmets for the non-riding dude. They’re bulky and comically round. There is a classic quality to them like you are an old mail person or an English cop whose hat has decided to go rogue. The Day Hats are obviously a play on the baseball hat, an elevation of something so common, pushing it into a toppled lowercase D or B. Like the Sesam, they might not do well with inclement weather but they are pretty felt wears that look a lot like velvet.

Etudes France Paris Midnight Hat 2015 1234KYLE5678

Of course there had to be something in the form of their Midnight Hat. This is the most common one (Even more so than the Day Hat, really.) but they are a sophisticated twist to that stupid hat shit you can get from Urban Outfitters or wherever. They’re so luxe! All these hats are fairly sexless but this form seems best suited for a woman. I can see this woman in a matching peacoat and organized, messy hair this Winter. She would look great! Or maybe I just want to see a cool Carmen Sandiego? I don’t know.

These hats are great. They are pricey so we will enjoy looking at them online. Peruse the Études hat collection here.

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