Let’s Guess Channing Tatum’s Dick’s Name.

So, Channing Tatum did a Reddit AMA yesterday and a lot came out of the conversation. He talked about video games and television characters he likes and how he gets lost in Matt Bomer’s eyes and that he won’t ever do full frontal. He also apparently released the name of his dick. Yes, it has a name. Of course it does.

So what is it? I don’t know: I haven’t read what it is because I can only imagine what it is. I hope he calls it…
• He’s The Man
• I’m The Man
• Tatum O’Chan
• Pussycatcher
• Magicker Mike
• Jenna’s Boy
• Growin’N’Showin
• C-Tip
• I Was On CSI: Miami Once
• Dance Man
• My Little Pee Pee Bud
• Zip
• John Deer
• Pee Eye Joe
• Dickcinati
• Cummings
• Manny
• Scrotatum
• The Brains

Hmm…but what is it really? Certainly not what I expected.

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