“What a week this has been,” I type from snot covered fingers.

I think I had the flu all week. It was bad. This is all to tell you: please get a flu shot and take care of yourself. Apologies for not posting as much but I was taking exactly that advice. Anyway, here’s your weekend link.

In stories that I wish I wrote, Playboy wrote a stellar story about foods that would be good for you to stick your dick into. Los Angeles art people should get excited about this forthcoming LACMA expansion, which sees the museum heading South. There were a lot of great Oscar wins in just the nominations and one of them is a short foodie film. Barns are quite rustic and, apparently, fashion is using them to capture hot people. You may have heard about this but the man who played Barney the dinosaur now runs a tantric sex business.

Stay healthy!

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