It’s a freaking long weekend, baby.

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In case you were already mad at rich people, a secret to most young people’s success is their parents helping them financially. Justin Simien was attacked by racists for the new Dear White People but had a lot of very inspiring things to say about the matter. Conchita Wurst might be a vision of Eurovision’s past but she also is going to be going away quite soon. The issues of the Migos questioning Makonnen’s credibility after coming out has exploded rap and yielded some great thoughts on sexuality and the scene. In looking at men who have sex with men, one has to take their wives into consideration. Kellyanne Conway (Fitzpatrick) is a spin master and analyzing her work is fascinatingly infuriating. In a first, The Bachelorette has finally cast a black lead and she is awesome. Beyoncé’s losing at The Grammy’s is so much bigger than it seems: it stands as proof that society punishes radical black women. To offer you some hope in these troubled timed, the founder of Little Ceasers recently passed away and will be remembered for his hard work in bettering Detroit and paying for Rosa Parks’ rent.

Hell yeah.

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