I, more or less, forgot to do a link round-up this week because I’ve been ~*~bUsY~*~.

So here are some last minute things of note I whipped together. Enjoy!

Could the Large Hadron Collider prove or disprove the existence of ghosts? That’s what one researcher hopes. If you are a vegetarian—or any other restrictive eater—you are much more than diet or philosophy: you’re a complicated tangle of the two. Merriam Webster has been the reigning champ of shade and their taking down of Kellyanne Conway is magnificent. The Trump administration has basically told transgender teens that he and the government do not have their back and no one is going to let that slide—especially leading Republican transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner. Laverne Cox is also speaking out very loudly about the matter and she is having none of your conservative bullshit. One transgender student is finding a voice in a different way from Gavin Grimm: by fighting to wrestle with others in his gender—not those of the opposite sex. Finally, take this music quiz (I got a 239!) and enjoy some information that won’t make you sad or mad: you know those diamond marks on book bags? They actually serve a purpose.

That was your weekend link. Bye!

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